About Us

Our Chef and Staff


 I grew up in a tiny village next to Ban Sam. It is the most beautiful place one can image, a paradise on earth. I chose to study biology and eventually fell in love with cooking. 

I worked at a hotel in Phuket. In the morning I used to take tourists around food markets and later teach them how to cook with ingredients they had picked. We would make a Tom Yum soup and Thai curries from scratch! Back then I picked up a passion for experimenting. Now on my way to work I usually visit Chinatown, we have a little staff food competition going on with other chefs and I try to take the creative approach to it. 

Pure & Fresh


We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets.



From my distinctive childhood in Asia to my current hometown, Mynt is “simple yet sophisticated in ingredients." Mynt’s demanding task is to source the most authentic ingredients for Asian food in Lowell. It is a great effort that pays off as every dish on Mynt’s menu brings you closest in taste to what you can come across in the Far Eastern part of Asia.

Our Inspiration


We are inspired by the eating philosophy of the Asian migrants of the mountainous highlands, our menu is made up of dishes created for enjoying with friends and family. Mynt's menu has evolved from low country field food, bringing South East Asian influences to carefully sourced ingredients with fresh, zingy flavors.  Our flavors continues to evolve as our journey continues here in Lowell.